Monday, May 27, 2013

Prada & Oregon - His Past of Heaven-Floor Permanents-Her Lufa

Damaged swirling loops from Prada & Oregon, with the curiously titled, His Past of Heaven-Floor Permanents-Her Lufa on Auditory Field Theory. Strange, challenging and hypnotic transmissions. Some of it feels heavenly, other parts otherworldly and ominous. Four tracks that defy my humble attempt at classification, and even in a scene ripe with looped distortion and wobble, feel strange and new. It's a sound that makes me not only enjoy the listen, but piques my curiosity around their creation. A constantly shifting field of melody, that creates a singular, glassy patina, but upon close inspection undergoes deep evolution and development. Sounds like crumpling up fourth grade sketches of the monsters under your bed, and putting them in a blender with a fist full of cotton candy. Scary and Sweet.

Wonderfully strange jcard art, plain white shell tapes, digital download included. Grab direct from Auditory Field Theory. EK from Auditory Field Theory has been cool enough to send me a copy of this tape to pass along as a freebie! Hit me up at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com, and this one is yours, no catch, first come first serve. Gone to Paw from Copenhagen as of 5/27. Enjoy!

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