Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cenote Glow / Wether - Split

Electromagnetic travels from Cenote Glow and Weather, in a split release on Sic Sic Tapes. One sidelong track from each artist, each unique and individually directed, but still cohesive. The front half, Whilpool, from Cenote Glow takes rolling cyclical grind, and evolves slowly, introducing sharp arpeggiated tones that dance effortlessly across the aforementioned nastiness before evolving into something else altogether. It's a cold, icy, feel, almost crystalline and sinister. The flip, Spirits In An Elevator, from Wether takes a more subtle, subdued approach, but to no less effect. Rich, deeply comforting low end rumble, tempered by the most delicately placed bits of melody breathing just beneath the surface. Feels like watching a full glass of water that's just about to overflow the edge, but never does. Hypnosis brought about through massive overwhelming depth of timbre and texture.

Edition of 75 hand duplicated, individually numbered copies. I was fortunate enough to grab this one as part of the latest Sic Sic batch. As expected, it's now sold out at the source, but still available from Cassette Mania.

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