Monday, May 20, 2013

Baro Records - Compilation 001

So I'm not exactly sure how to promote this. At eleven total artists, I can't really pin this down to easy description. I've gotten my hands on the excellent, Kickstarter funded, first compilation from Baro Records, Compilation 001. Baro (Breathing and Receiving Oxygen) has flown under my radar thusfar, despite reviewing something from Bre'r (a Baro regular) on (cave) recordings in 2012. That's completely my failing as humble curator of this place. The label aesthetic seems to land squarely in the dreamy, glitched, guitar and ambience space. Lots of really chill and challenging vibes here. Sounds like forward thinking memories of a perfect day.

Pressing of 500, printing on top of old record sleeves, rad green and black vinyl. Don't repeat my mistake, pick up a post kickstarter copy of the comp here, and and dig everything Baro right here.

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