Monday, May 20, 2013

Bre'r - Homes For Taipei Wifing

And while we're on the topic of the aforementioned Bre'r, let's talk a bit about the latest from the project of D.A Fisher. This time, on Oakland's Sanity Muffin. Forceful, gritty soundscrapes, aching with homespun emotion and sorrow. A close cousin of drone, but not so much. Within these compositions, notes fall into and out of the mix with only moderate sustain. A bit more sophisticated in structure than most ambient music, although that label certainly could apply here. Drifting in consciousness. I find this more akin to the notion of electronic modern classical. These may be some of either the most beautiful, or devastating melodies you will hear. Heck, they are likely both. Exactly the type of release to help the unexposed masses fall in love with experimental music.

Couldn't find a stream of this for the life of me, so hopefully you'll trust my judgement here. Double sided jcard, edition of 100. Grab directly from the Sanity Muffin Webstore.

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