Sunday, June 30, 2013

Junior Pande - Tape Three

Head rattling off kilter beats. Big crusty curtains of noise that huff and puff, breathing in syncopated rhythm with the beat. Sly little homages to 70's California cool. The Junior Pande moniker of Justin Peroff keeps on blasting through traditional beat scene genre boundaries with Tape Three on Spring Break Tapes. What I've found so enjoyable about what, at this point, stands as a trilogy of editions, is the lack of concern of (or carefully considered disregard for) staying cannon to singular tropes associated with beat making. Everything feels exactly on, and also quite "off". It all sounds spontaneous, organic, as if created on a whim, and not living inside a midi time signature slave to a Propellerhead Ignition Key. Spacey, crunchy, throwback, 8bit, whatever else. How much is there to say about something like this, just play it.

SBT is about as selective (and diverse) curatorially as it gets in tape land, with just eight releases total. That three of them represent the Junior Pande trilogy should tell you how essential these are. Stop depriving yourself the chance to have a little fun, grab this one direct from Spring Break Tapes.

And the trilogy...

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