Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tereshokova - Romance Space

Dream soaked shimmer from Tereshkova, with Romance Space, on Rok Lok Records. You won't find me promoting much stuff with vocals. And when I do, it tends to be a tape that uses the vocal more like an additional instrument. Not so much to guide the themes of the piece, but to develop the tone of the recording. My personal bias, but I like a little, maybe a lot, of mystery and sometimes a clearly delivered vocal destroys that mystery and removes my imagination from the listening process.

Tereshkova finds that beautiful middle ground. A catchy pop recording bursting with simple honest emotion that doesn't overwhelm the experience with narrative. Ringing guitar, an astrally inspired selection of synth tones, hazy vocals. How can something as lyrically indiscernible and reverb drenched as the opening moments of Heart Song be so monumentally affecting? Like a shoe gaze fraternal twin of Kim Larsen, I can almost pick out moments verging on Neo Folk inspiration. Simultaneously fun and furiously sad.

Edition of just fifty, hand numbered with fold out full color j card and hand painted labels. Check out the Rok Lok Records site here, and stream in full and grab from the Rok Lok Bandcamp.

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