Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Rainbow Body - Magnetic Highway

Cavernous ambience from The Rainbow Body with Magnetic Highway, on Tranquility Tapes. Although I'll certainly try, you can't explain a tape like this. Elements of progression and melody exist in plenty, and warrant note and description. Sounds could of course be described and detailed with ernest intent. But I think really, these six tracks are about texture. It's about a set of headphones in a quiet room, and being the sort of person who can focus directly on something that requires no direction. Starring through the back of your eyelids out into a massive galaxy of sound and interpreting the negative space. At their most basic, these seem to be loops of electronic effects, layered with improvised guitar in various states of treatment, but moreover, it's a totality of experience. For those seeking an elevated ambient space through which to consider our insignificance within the scope of the universe, they have found it. Sounds like a lone starship, powerless in the gravity of a black hole, each choice of melody and texture pulling your ear drums closer to the ultimate end.

Edition of 100, already sold out at Tranquility (things tend to go quick over there!), a very, very few copies remain directly from the artist, along with full streaming over at The Magnetic Body Bandcamp.

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