Friday, July 12, 2013

Mark Bradley - A Collection - The First And Last Five Years

You just might recall that Mark Bradley was gracious enough to offer up his previous release for free through my very humble blog. And the responses I've gotten about Mark's work since that display of generosity have been unanimous in their praise. And now, compliments of A Giant Fern, Bradley is back with A Collection - The First And Last Five Years, a compilation of thirteen tracks, spanning five years of head space expanding synth work. This release showcases (as one might expect) a great deal more variety in sound than the past two official Bradley releases. What I particularly enjoy here is the more subtle ambient side of things, and how that runs smack dab into something that sounds like Bagpipes played through a Korg N5 with heavy delay. The third track, Reality, places stark osscelating bass against echoing vocal samples. Like a lost transmission bouncing around inside a space station. It's just tremendously fun to listen through the various twists and turns of these gems from Bradleys' discography. Get hip to this.

Edition of just fifty, beautiful hand made wooden boxes with ink stamping, full liner notes. Stream in full and grab direct from the A Giant Fern Bandcamp.

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