Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clearing - Distance

Muddy shifting walls of ambience from Clearing, with Distance on No Kings. For devotees of pure ambience, this is damn near a religious experience. Nine tracks of sad, beautiful, reflective stuff. Piercingly emotional melodies smeared like thick paint across your skull, dripping down into your eyes causing a hazy hallucinatory vision of the future. There is a dignity within these crumbling walls of sound. Just immeasurable depth, unfolding another world within your headphones. Rather than try to dissect each moment and understand the construction of these tracks, it seems best to just let it be what it is. Sounds like a head held high among the ruins of an unknown civilization.

Edition of 100 with risograph art from Lee Noble, individually stickered, which I haven't seen before, and really quite like. Suprisingly this isn't sold out yet, and can be grabbed direct from No Kings along with a few remaining copies of a killer from Sparkling Wide Pressure.

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