Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wether - Memorex Breath

This, second release (first above), in a two part update covering Wether releases, features the bleak and minimal cranial assault titled Memorex Breath, on Beyond The Ruins. Nasty, swirling, sonic head-in-vice assault. Two untitled sides. The first, a squealing distorted tide of twisting knobs defeating musicality entirely with aggression. The flip of the tape turns up the heat considerably, channelling walls of increasingly manic fuzz upwards into a high pitched roar of caustic celebration. Things crescendo, and then rescede into a subtle and well crafted piece of minimal noise, moving almost flatline in comparison to the previous, that twists ever so slightly a single thread of soft scraping melody before finishing in a dead stop. Try to find a sound sample of this one, I dare you. Nonetheless, worth the blind buy, no question.

Bleak and minimal physical edition, xeroxed covers, in an "undisclosed" quantity. Grab from your choice of the 905 Store, or direct from Beyond The Ruins.

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