Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wether - Lighten Lift

I'm thinking this pattern will sound familiar; buy a batch of tapes, find an artist you didn't know about, proceed to purchase more and obsess. So a while back I posted about a Cenote Glow/Wether split, and was really captivated by the Wether side.

Fast forward, time to post a couple (second below), tapes from Wether, the moniker of 905/Tabs Out noise maker, Mike Haley. The first, on 905 itself is Lighten Lift. A curious name, as the tape sounds like a belly crawl through an extraterrestrial back alley. Anything but light. The title track steals the tape with filthy bass rumble, echoing percussion, spacey distorted hauntings. In a way difficult to describe, the soundscape feels claustrophobic, compliments of the thick bottom end, and really quite cavernous as juxtaposed and possibly improvised(?) synth elements float in and out of consciousness. Subdued and sinister, lethargic and menacing, something like that. The label description uses the term "mutterings", and I have to admit, this sounds a lot like a burned out decker high on wiz and mumbling to himself in the redmond barrens.

Limited edition of just fifty, pro printed and dubbed, really sweet and subtle detail on the shell imprint. Grab direct from the 905 Tapes Store.

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  1. hey, do you know what the tracklist is on this? cannot find it online.
    if you do, let me know at procurementrecords33@gmail.com