Monday, July 22, 2013

Micromelancolié - Quiet Listening

Ominous clouded skies framing pastoral fields from Micromelancolié, with Quiet Listening on Rocket Machine Tapes. Massive booming sheets of rumble, layers of field recordings. Sparse really doesn't begin to describe the sound of this, nor does such a descriptor do justice to the depth of experience. The tremors put forth through a richly developed low end frame the soundscape in what feels like negative space. That all other thought is blocked from focus, and then within that frame, narrative miniatures are developed. Field recordings of livestock (I think). Sparse melody, the kind that let's your mind wander, my own interpretation seemed to picture a more contemplative life. One that may in fact be quite terrifying. Two single side tracks, beautiful and adeptly constructed, that while feeling musical, still listen more like a story than a song.

Minuscule edition of just 35, signature Rocket Machine art on display, stellar presentation all around. Grab one of the last direct from the label.

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