Friday, November 9, 2012

Goblin Guts - Global Cuts [vol.1]

I'm not quite sure what to make of this tape, except that I like it. It's all over the map both stylistically and instrumentally. Global Cuts [vol.1] from Goblin Guts is a mix of trippy smoothed out instrumentals and swaggering off kilter beats of which it is not possible to keep from nodding your head. Just when you get comfortable on the front half on tracks that sounds something like outtakes from lazy Sunday drives in Malibu, you get whipped around into an experimental whilwind of up and down tempo on the flip. Right at the intersection of groovy and challenging. A congealed mix of extremely creative and highly listenable stuff.

Absolutely stunning handmade packaging. Fold around cardboard case along with double sided cardboard "slides", one for each song. You can even create custom covers by changing out the slides and placing them behind the circular cutout. The previous packaging from GRD for Knalpot was incredible, this is completely insane. Comes with digital download as well. Grab directly from Geweih Ritual Documents.