Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Villages - Theories of Ageing

Beautiful, nostalgic, cinematic tracks from Villages with Theories of Ageing on Bathetic Records. Things take a no rules approach to composition where everything seems free, and at ease to come and go as it pleases. Long sustained rusty drones that just hang in the soundspace, swell, and give way to reverberating ghostly noise. Sparingly composed piano echoing backwards into the vastness of your consciousness. An incredibly open, accessible, enjoyable composition full of slightly cloudy organic instrumentation. When a recording can sound so comfortable in it's own skin, and still so tremendously emotional, thats just magic. And it's on this record in spades.

I don't suggest things very often (maybe more like describe), because of course to each their own, but I really do highly suggest this record. Grab directly from Bathetic.

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