Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ali Helnwein - Strange Creations

Intriguing, unclassifiable, psychedelic sadness from Ali Helnwein, with Strange Creations on Spring Break Tapes. Psychedelic in the sense that it feels like the soundtrack to a twisted bedtime story. Intriguing in the sense that it's just so darn interesting to listen to. Sounds like a music box come to life, backed by an orchestra while morning the loss of a dear friend. Tracks wander a blurred line between whimsical and touching. The standout second side concludes with the heartrending piece Gluttony which showcases delicate fingerpicked strings over a bombastic rhythm section and mournful melody. This one will test your genre preconceptions, and is exactly the type of heady experimentation I love to find.

Limited edition of 100 on black shells tapes, download included. Grab directly from Spring Break Tapes.

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