Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drowning The Virgin Silence - Blue Noise

Menacing, theatrical compositions from Drowning The Virgin Silence, with Blue Noise on Cae-sur-a. The standout title track combines elements of dark ambient, industrial, and most prominently, 70's horror cinema vibes into a wandering line of consciousness, or maybe, more of a long twisting scrape. The flip stays in the macabre, but travels into a bit more ambient realm, layering strings over echoing melody and percussion. Things never get fully blown out into noise, and never recede into the subconscious, staying just at the edges of your awareness, picking at your consciousness with an eerie persistence. Sounds/feels like madman dragging his axe down the hallway outside your door. Truly disconcerting.

Hand numbered edition of one hundred, double sided jcard, grab directly from Cae-sur-a, if you dare.

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