Friday, October 19, 2012

Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen - On Kwas

Heads up on a pair of delightfully contradictory releases in the second batch from Cosmic Winnetou.

First up, (see below for the second) is a challenging and charming sonic melting pot from Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen, with On Kwas. There’s a calculated randomness to this that I particularly enjoy. Elements seem carefully selected for their lack of cohesion, and still play as complimentary. From the opening static driven pop structure, to the bubbling lava flows of garbled spoken sound, to the spiraling whirlwind of ragged drone, to it’s eventual resting place as a piece of windswept ambience, the front side translates into a bizarre and enjoyable confusion. With hardly a single intelligible word, a strongly identifiable narrative thread seems to run throughout the tape, driven only by the incredible editors’ eye carefully selecting each tone, timbre, and texture. Vivid stuff, really nice.

Strange and wonderful collage artwork printed in black and white. Pro dubbed, hand numbered edition of just fifty copies. Grab direct from Cosmic Winnetou (quickly, down to just a few copies).

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