Friday, October 19, 2012

Mark Bradley - Offerings

The second, (see above for the first) in a forward march of magnetic mind expansion from Cosmic Winnetou, comes in the form of Offerings from Mark Bradley. Clean, melodic modular synth work. Subtle shifts between the brief and numerous tracks create an incredibly unified aesthetic where things sound similar, and yet continue to surprise. I imagine the individual songs as winds blowing through autumn leaves clinging desperately to their branches. While fundamentally the same, with each separate moment, new leaves twist and reveal their shapes and colors, and then change again. A single action, yet unique and beautiful differences. I’ve enjoyed several of Bradley’s works this year, notably his output on Goldtimers, and I count this as the finest I’ve yet heard yet.

Edition of fifty, hand numbered, white shell tape, pretty much awesome. Unfortunately, this one is sold out at the source, but can still be ordered at the wonderful 905 Tapes.

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