Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bastian Void - Fluorescent Bells

Vintage space transmissions from Bastian Void, with Fluorescent Bells on Field Hymns. A very traditionally extraterrestrial snyth sound, both crystaline and murky, pulsating with thick, echoing bass and percussion. Tracks fade into and out of each other, seeming to collide and become singular. It becomes difficult, particularly on the flip to determine where concepts end and begin, blending together with abandon, pulling the listener along on a exploration of the farthest reaches. Somewhat optimistic, and in places, extremely menacing. Feels like the soundtrack to a Ray Bradbury novel transcribed to the inside of your eardrums.

Double sided jcard, edition of 100 pro printed on white shells, download included. Pretty much everything you could want compliments of Field Hymns.

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