Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wolf Fluorescence - We're So Glad You're Home

Discordant, occasionally breathtaking, and endlessly creative new release from Wolf Fluorescence, with We’re So Glad You’re Home, on Fabrica Records. This marks the second release from the WF project I’ll be raving about this year, and as with his prior release on Sic Sic, Ross Devlin, the man behind the moniker, combines with calculated abandon, a vast array of sounds and textures. I say calculated, because there’s a wonderful editor’s eye on display here controlling all of this madness. Honestly, I could find five tapes worth of material coalesced into this single album, and yet somehow all of it plays nice together. Some of it sweet, endearing and melodic, other parts eerie, a bit off kilter and ragged. The flip of the tape is a single side long stunner overflowing with compositional ideas, lost in an overwhelming tide of gorgeous, crushing, overdriven melody and capped with a beautiful orchestral vocal . Absolutely one to watch.

Beautiful edition, limited to fifty copies. Order via Fabrica for as long as they last.

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