Saturday, July 28, 2012

These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes - Split

Solo guitar juxtapositions on this split between These Wonderful Evils and Last Eyes from new Denver, Co based Planted Tapes.

These Wonderful Evils takes us on a stripped down journey through psyched out vibes, and folked up back porch strumming. Clean, honest, open tones, immerse, and hypnotize over the duration of three tracks. Recorded (perhaps purposely) a bit thin, things sound live recorded and under processed. Like stumbling on an unlabeled demo tape that you’ll be trying to indentify for the rest of your life. Last Eyes takes things in a more sinister, claustrophobic direction. Heavy, ripped apart buzzing guitar tones. Bits of dirt, noise, vocals on heavy delay and reverb. Lonely decayed love songs ground into an ugly, howling, and yet somehow magnificent tribute to their former beauty. I can’t get enough of tortured sounds like these where sweet and nasty meet somewhere on the border between the two.

Edition of just 50. I'm thinking these will go fast. Support via purchase directly from Planted Tapes.

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