Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daw Nusk - Hunter Gatherer

Majestic, orchestral, movements from Daw Nusk with Hunter Gatherer, on Koppklys. Massive, open worlds of sound, not so much tracks, as much as narrative pieces. Field recordings, vast overwhelming synth pads, the selected tones and timbres feel like negative space. Unobstructive and transparent, acting as a conduit into an expansive new world. I knew this one would be incredible from the opening moments of seagulls doing what seagulls do, making a hell of a racket. Not just headphone nature worship, the expansive six track c68 opus is like listening to centuries of evolution in a single moment.

Limited to sixty copies, hand numbered, pro-dubbed, and imbued with that signature Koppklys design. Grab a copy.

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