Monday, December 8, 2014

Sashash Ulz - Fyodor Norvegov

Curiousness from Sashash Ulz with Fyodor Norvegov on Ukrainian label Swollen Beam. Bleeping squeals, rhythmic bloops that whir. Bangs and wiggles, probably a pitch shifted frog. Raw, distorted off kilter strangeness. Describing this feels silly, which is why I love it. Unknown sounds that challenge you to know them. I swear on the flip there is an honest to god head nodding break down. And there is a rock n roll jam that sounds like a 33 played at 45. So. much. fun!

Edition of 50 on black shells. Nice thick card stock with a whimsical handwritten/drawn vibe. I grabbed from Tomentosa, also available direct from Swollen Beam.

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