Monday, December 8, 2014

Charles Barabé - Dates + Confessions

Depth, like you just don't come across often courtesy of Charles Barabé with Dates + Confessions on Tranquility Tapes. Menacing, exceptionally massive and beautiful synth timbres, thick haunting vocoder, garbled spoken word that seems to be reciting dating profile details. If I were to bet on that description, I place chips on a complete mess, but this is NOT. From all of this, comes something that feels so incredibly singular. The emotion of human kind all at once, or something like that. Some of the stuff on the back half had me just about weeping synth tears, notes piercing through recordings of people describing their positive attributes selling their humanity to humanity. I don't know if it's supposed to be sad, but boy I took it that way.

Edition of 100 beautifully presented pro dubbed and printed. Sold out from the label, I was honestly shocked to find a copy at Tomentosa, who has on in stock as of 12/8 at 8:18. Given that this just grabbed #1 at the on the Tabs Out top 200 of '14, you better act fast.

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