Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strange Mountain - Inhibitions

Elegant uncomplicated melody from Strange Mountain with Inhibitions on Geology Records. Four tracks (two per side) of bright, brilliant really, startlingly beautiful ambience. Warm multifaceted pads that arc around the ear in these glorious towering curves. As if the entire soundscape is being bent to the will of the composer. Bits of unexpected timbre that feel like horns temper the soundscape with something romantic/mysterious. The front half feels remarkably clean relative to the prior SM catalogue I've heard, while the flip wanders through the same incredibly fuzzy analogue waver I expected. Within the ocean of ambient artists holding down four notes and twisting knobs, this feels wholly original and next level. Whatever it is in life that gives you passion, this is music that will make you regret your time away.

Edition of just 50, clear shells pro imprinted with an almost transparent design. Double sided jcards, wonderful typography selections. Grab direct from Geology Records.

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