Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aaron Dilloway - Siena

Textural experimentation from Aaron Dilloway with Siena as a part of the Tabs Out Subscription Series. Blown out distortion, bit of acoustic guitar, long passages of near silence. Things here range from almost complete deconstruction (both of the sound, and your ears), to subtle field recordings of nothing quite describable. While listening, I liked to imagine that these near silent moments were recordings taken of the sounds of the artist preparing their gear to record. Shuffles of feet, clicks, whirs. Like the performance space was mic'd and the entire take presented as tracks. Of course that may not be true, but heck it was fun to imagine, right? While the tape in it's entirety is anything but quiet, it's the existence and duration of quiet moments adds an element of curiosity and discovery that I rarely find in something that plays in the HNW realm. Killer.

Edition of 29 hand numbered and personalized copies. Black shells with identical label on both sides. Fold around cardboard with gray silk screen printing and silver ink writing. It's a really beautiful package. The bad news is, you could only have gotten if you were a Tabs Out Chrome donor at the time of release. The good news is, it's free digitally. Grab it here.

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