Sunday, August 10, 2014

Charles Barabé - Adieu Fantôme

Hallucinatory onslaught of looping strangeness from Charles Barabé with Adieu Fantôme on ((Cave Recordings)). Pounding organic rhythm balanced against the chaos and discomfort of spinning the AM dial on a remote country road. Broken and decontextualized elements force themselves abruptly into the soundscape creating disagreement and competition between elements. My minds eye humorously pictures a pair of stately gentlemen loudly arguing the finer points of classic Musique Concrète, concurrently playing samples to outdo and disprove the other. Pieces of symphony overwhelmed by fuzzed out tribal drums and glitch. The front half is chaotic, the flip offers something (chanting, echoing drums) more restrained for a while. How exactly a human mind can conceive of marrying such disparate elements into a single recording is beyond me.

Edition of 50, beautiful collage art from Rob on nice thick stock, B&W labels the whole new batch looks great. Grab direct from ((Cave)) here.

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