Sunday, August 10, 2014

Matt Nida - Explorer

Seriously head expanding fusion of hardcore and vintage synth from Matt Nida, with Explorer on Hel Audio. For me, any kind of dance(danceable) music is about production. And production here is beautifully balanced. Balanced in that way that makes you keep turning the volume up and it just keeps sounding better, fuller, and more fun. Raw, rumbling bass, piercing washes of top end. I'm gonna start to make my ignorance of dance and techno very known, but this reminds me of Adam X and Juan Atkins stuff I used to fawn over in the 90's. That punchy kick and warm ultra thick bass. What I really love here, is the juxtaposition of that against some severely alien synth work. Six tracks, and every single one absolutely kills.

Not sure the edition size on this (can't find it listed, maybe you can and tell me?). Really love the aesthetic of the entire Hel Audio catalogue, this included. The imagery, typography, everything feels unique and thoughtful. Double sided single panel, download included. Grab direct from Hel, or stream and purchase at Bandcamp.

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