Saturday, August 30, 2014

Orphan Fairytale - Happy Birthday

Curious party themed concept album from Orphan Fairytale with Happy Birthday on Stenze Quo. Punchy spiraling patterns that loop, loop, loop, evolving and reinterpreting themselves. Bits of a child singing Happy Birthday. The soundscape is playful and childish, a conceptual match to the physical presentation. While not all of the sounds are percussion per se, this feels very much like patterns programmed using percussion samples and then swapped with different patches played with and then fine tuned. Of course I'm usually way off, but that rhythmic sense dominates the tape. And while not heavy like you might expect from that description, a light driving tempo pulses all over this one. Little bubbling bleeps and bloops. Fun stuff.

Can't find a listed edition size. Red Shells housed in a plastic bag with Happy Birthday insert, postcard, printed liner notes, confetti and a ballon. Have to say, this is the first tape I've gotten with a ballon. I grabbed from Tomentosa who is now out, but it looks like you can still throw a party with Stenze Quo.

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