Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kot Kot - кунь

Charming swirls of organic instrumentation and manipulated loops. It all sounds quote mysterious and yet completely familiar. Hallucinatory tribal jamming echoing in the distance pulsating to the rhythm of a single drum. Delicate vocals that wander across the soundscape. Bits of decontextualized guitar and assorted found sound juxtaposing it all. There's a communal feeling to this, as through it's the singular thought process of a ecosystem. The combined experience of man and nature. Forest creatures inhabiting the remains of an abandoned city. Squirrels living in side broken radios or something like that. This is a tape for imagining.

Edition of 50 copies in white. Rough brown stock, in a "L" configuration. Not sure if lcards are a thing, but this only covers the spine and doesn't wrap around the back. Very nicely presented liner notes that I can't read at all. I grabbed from Tomentosa who's now out, but you can still snag direct from Jozik

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