Monday, September 8, 2014

Seth Graham - Goop

Bizarre and captivating strangeness from Seth Graham with Goop on Noumenal Loom. Sticky, coughsyrupy tendrils of sound. Suffocated drowning choir music. Stop start stutter steps of things that feel slightly glitchy by still quite cohesive and coherent. This is noise, but noise done exceptionally well, where each sound teases, building curiosity for the next. A massive mix of elements all mixed seamlessly. Despite this being really off kilter sounding I couldn't help but grin and feel great listening to this. It's one of those types of tapes. Just a c18, short and sweet.

Pro dubbed and imprinted edition of 100. Grab direct from Noumenal Loom, or stream in full and purchase on the label Bandcamp.

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