Saturday, August 30, 2014

LX Sweat - Sweat Sweat Sweat

Seriously down tempo alien infected reinterpretations of 90's R&B from LX Sweat with Sweat Sweat Sweat on Not Not Fun. This stuff is fun, creepy, filthy all at the same time. The type of production you can almost see the smoke rolling off of. Eight hypnotic tracks that just straight up nod your head. Not sure where the samples begin, original instrumentation begins, and really who cares.

Discogs tells me this one released in 110 copies, but my cover art doesn't match up and it says Second Edition on the back, so not sure what that adds up to. Either way, straightforward physical edition pro dubbed and duplicated. I grabbed from Tomentosa, and it looks like they still have at least one of these. Check out all things NNF right here.

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