Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gonzo - Ruídos [À Portugesa]

Elegant and delightfully strange collage of elements from Gonzo with Ruídos [A Portugesa] on Discrepant. Per the label description a composition of "Portuguese regional 'cantos', fisherman's songs, piano sketches, field recordings, turntable and various electronics". What captures me here is the artists' ability to create something poignant and emotional by combining unlikely and often conflicting pieces that by themselves would carry little if any individual character. Bits that feel comical, odd, or otherwise unremarkable congeal to form these intriguing little vignettes. Snapshots that crash into each other with abandon, or meet at a raw edge, forcing your ear to reorient itself. Sounds like flipping through a strangers picture book, or an old shoebox of photos. It's challenging, personal, and a ton of fun.

Edition of not sure how many, single sided jcard, b/w print both on the cards and tape labels. Grab direct from Discrepant.

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