Friday, June 20, 2014

Oliwa - Time Immemorial

Pure, beautiful ambience from Oliwa with Time Immemorial on Inner Islands. There's something I find particularly challenging about describing ambient compositions, this in particular. I find the majority of things that warrant discussion to be the outliers, the unique or ill fitting. That's the thing that makes this tough, everything on this tape fits, and it fits incredibly well. Not much to say, really anything to say, except that it's perfection. Which I suppose in and of itself it a lot to say. Very much in the vein of mid 90's ambient electronic, six tracks of melody heavy crisp and vibrant soundscapes. Each arpeggiated note clean and audible, each element available fully within the mix. Nothing muddy or obscure, just pure headphone bliss.

Full color double sided jcards, transparent imprinted purple shells. I grabbed the physical from Tomentosa, you can also grab direct from Inner Islands.

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