Monday, June 16, 2014

Alcachest Libations – Luculent Scripture

Sinister noise manipulations from Alcachest Libations with Luculent Scripture on Wounded Knife Records. Pounding industrial crunch, droning grind, the occasional passage of shimmering murk twisted and perceived backwards. Everything sounds fairly ritualistic, but not the naturalist spirit animal sense canonical to the tape scene, more prehistoric. Like something unearthed from the cretaceous period. An ode to primal beasts and savagery. The flip backs off the throttle to let in some moon beams. Ten tracks and almost an hour of jams. Challenging listening in the vein of post industrial but with a more original narrative.

Fantastic physical product. Edition of 50, jcards printed on pages of an old gujarati book (not sure what that is), slick little liner notes printed front and back. Killer. Grab direct from Wounded Knife.

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