Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scammers - Cover You

Filthy, slinky, after party scene jams from Scammers with Cover You on Field Hymns. Playful, slightly campy 4th wall breaking lyrical delivery complemented by an absolutely stunning electro lounge dance fusion. Post industrial meets David Bowie (is that a Station To Station reference?) impersonating David Tibet making references to 90's rave timbres. Strangely depressing and reaffirming, a kind of emotional duality that opposes humanity and embraces humanism. Weird, I know and tons of fun. The standout track 30 And Smokin twists the formula into beautifully produced dance, reminiscent of the most effective early Prince records and lays down endlessly clever off kilter lyrics in the vein of, "I'll get down on my knees and crawl around you, around the feces and bicycle grease". Something this brilliant is destined to be obscure and thank goodness for that.

Hand numbered edition of 75, pro dubbed and printed on purple (mauve? pink?), digital download included. Grab direct from Field Hymns.

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