Sunday, June 1, 2014

Unpleasant Nostalgia - 2D Memories

Otherworldly pop music for treating catatonic schizophrenia from Unpleasant Nostalgia with 2D Memories on Illuminated Paths. Thoroughly bizarre to the point of near indescribability, a seamless blend of flatlined slow motion samples chopped, degraded and pitch shifted through the floor. At least that my impression, because what this is, is really hard to figure out what it is. One of those tapes that gets you lost in how it's constructed. And it's pretty massive, 11 tracks and almost an hour. This stuck with me, I found my mood affected by it for days after I listed to it. Sounds like trying to run on the bottom of the pool when you were 9.

Edition of 25, the usual complete rawness from Illuminated Paths. Home dubbed to order over old tapes, sealed with a smiley sticker, with liner notes and an old X-Files trading card included. Anything more DIY than this and they'd be sending me a blank tape and a thumb stick and telling me to dub it myself. I love this stuff. I grabbed as part of a 5 tape IP binge purchase from the fantastic Tomentosa, but you will likely have to grab via the label Bandcamp.

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