Friday, May 30, 2014

Fsik Huvnx - Sarmoung

Sweeping dark ambiance from Fsik Huvnx with Sarmoung on Other Electricities. Creating an elegant balance between ragged texture and delicate beauty. A miasma of indistinguishable looped instrumentation, evolving in that transparent seamless fashion that you discern only after a return to consciousness. And if you're listening to a release like this correctly (sorry, as if there is such a thing), you let yourself wander, and explore the places your mind wants to go. You can do that here, embark from one shore, let the textures of the loop temper your thoughts, and return to the same shore to find the view changed. Over the course of this 8 eight movement massive hour of sound, experiences come and go, the mix elegantly introduces new elements, but the constant is the loop, which moves outward, pauses, and returns, soaked in beauty and neurosis. A massive, piercing, blinding body of sound. Everything that matters all at once.

Fantastic physical presentation. Hand painted cardboard wrap around, available in purple or smokey tint, and inside a beautifully simple clear velum insert with liner notes. Digital copy included. Grab direct from Other Electricities

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