Tuesday, January 7, 2014

G Sweems - Treasure Island

Whimsical clouds and innocent childhood fairytales from G Sweems, with Treasure Island, on Noumenal Loom. Delicately echoing synthesized chimes, layered purposefully over etherial vibes of wonder and discovery. This is a gentle and patient tape, an absolute audial picture that evokes images of idilic paradise and mysterious sea creatures. Carefully placed bits of vocal and mysterious found sounds lapping the shores of breezy melody. While most of this sounds straightforwardly "pretty", I dig that brief glimpses of the odd and obscure pop up here and there lending the listener a sense of adventure. Two uninterrupted sides, not spiritual, but spirited and soulful.

Really love the way Noumenal Looms seems to have dedicated the art on each of it's first two batches to individual artists (this time Aidan Koch), giving each set it's own very distinctive look and feel. Edition of 100, stream in full on the label Bandcamp, and then dig all things Noumenal Loom right here.

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