Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nagual - S/T

Tightly coiled, ultra tense, dark drone from Nagual, with a self titled LP on Ergot Records. Three tracks, two on the front, a single side long burner on the flip. Compositions of gnashing looped guitar, swirling and reflecting obtuse angles back into the ear. Flitting odd ball bits that balance gently atop thick slabs of low end. Tones that howl and cry, tearing at the listener. Occasionally interrupted, and immediately reinterpreted with blasts of chaotic percussion. Dense... claustrophobic. Not heavy, not spacey, but morose and introspective. Sounds about to overwhelm the forces that contain them. The balance of improvisation and control, the juxtaposition of light and heavy. This is the type of record that builds up tension in your chest, and makes you take a pause and exhale when the it's over.

Edition of 300 on black vinyl with printed liner notes. Grab direct from Ergot, and then puruse one of the last remaining copies of the incredible from Aaron Dilloway Ergot LP from Tomentosa.

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