Saturday, December 21, 2013

Endless Caverns - Colour Breathing

Loosely intertwined layers of wavering guitar, lapping and overlapping each other on Colour Breathing by Endless Caverns on Eiderdown Records. This is most certainly a "get lost" kind of tape. The type that comes with instructions on proper equalization settings, and a bit of philosophy about how one ought to interpret the output. Hissing freeform dalliance between improvisation and looping hypnotic sameness. Some of it structured and ripping, others scattered and a bit neurotic. A warm haze of wah met with crisp soloing, this feels reminiscent of the heavy guitar drones of the tape scene of yore, but buried in a time capsule and unearthed, covered in dirt and stuck in a failing Tascam. Feels like your head pressed right up against the monitor at a one man basement show while your mind crawls out your ear and down the wormhole.

Eiderdown continues with some of the sickest art in the game, again by Max Clotfelter. Screenprinted on super beefy card stock, beautifully printed edition of 100. Grab direct from Eiderdown.

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