Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tired Wires - Hark

A sure sign that you have little business writing about music, is that confronted with an excellent composition, you struggle for words. Such is the case with Hark from Tired Wires on Already Dead Tapes & Records, although I think there may be something particularly indescribable in this work. Five tracks of the most gorgeous horizon expanding ambience. Tracks that don't particularly say anything specifically, but impart plenty on an emotional level. They sway like a tide of wheat driven by gentle breeze. Or maybe a painters brush, lightly scraping a myriad of paint colors across a loosely hung canvas. Not tethered to any one narrative or emotion, truly these are beautiful melodies. I greatly respect restraint from an artist in maintaining an uncomplicated experience for the audience. This delivers effortless vibe throughout, dispute what I assume is the omnipresent temptation for addition. Quiet, wonderful.

Edition of just 40 (is it me or do editions keep getting smaller?), really nice printed jcard overlaid with a printed transparent layer. Really cool effect. Grab direct from Already Dead.

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