Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flowery Dreamcatcher - Led By Pastoral Leaves

Hissing, hallucinogenic rituals from Flowery Dreamcatcher, with Led By Pastoral Leaves, on Different Lands. Layer after layer of haze and gently blown out instrumentation of all manner, presented in a swirl of lo fidelity rotary phone garble. The echoing ring of bells grounded in clattering mid tempo percussion. A sonic palate of elements that seem to cross between planes of consciousness, at times identifiable, at others disappearing back into the soup becoming a singular movement. Floating above mix of droning indistinguishable sounds and fuzzy guitar, sparsely played piano anchors these two full side tracks to meaningful direction, but not so much to detract from the potential for full on lose yourself mind melt. This is one of those tapes you can lay in the middle of the floor and watch the ceiling fade away from you. Sounds like chaos controlled and directed by the creative spirit.

Per the label standard inserts are adhered directly to the outside of a clear Norelco, which gives a cool tactile feeling to holding one of these. B/W liner notes, matching B/W labels. No edition size listed on this one, and the entire new batch is already sold out, so really what good am I to you? At least bookmark the awesomeness at Different Lands so you don't miss out next time, and then scour the web my friends.

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