Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not A Top Ten List 2013 (Freebies!)

In lieu of the traditional Best Of/Year End/Top Ten list, (although I was happy to submit something to Tabs Out) here are ten excellent releases from ten excellent labels, all offered up for grabs no strings attached on a first come first serve basis. A way to say thank you to everyone who spent a moment of their time this year reading about what I've listened to. I've broken them into groups of two to help maintain my sanity a bit.

If you have interest drop me an email at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com. I'll try to update as quickly as I can which ones are gone. Feel free to list a few in order of preference if that's your jam. And for goodness sake, if you see/hear something awesome, use the links and go support these artists and labels.

Group #1 Gone to Joshua from Toronto, Canada as of 12/14. Enjoy!
Bear Bones/Lay Low - Smeltkop
Isaos Elixer - Rotifer

Group #2 Gone to Aaron from Rochester, NY as of 12/14. Enjoy!
John Thill Water Wars - Juniper Tree Songs
Golden Donna/Floating Gardens Split - Field Studies

Group #3 Gone to Collin from Chicago, IL as of 12/14. Enjoy!
Giant Claw Music For Film- Constellation Tatsu
Marie Davidson S/T- Holodeck

Group #4 Gone to Kevin from Chicago, IL as of 12/14. Enjoy!
The Revenant Sea S/T - Auditory Field Theory
Wizard Of Midnight/Never Die - Rocket Machine Tapes

Group #5 Gone to Dylan from Iowa City, IA as of 12/14. Enjoy!
Creation IV Akroamatikos - Cosmic Winnetou
Piper Spray/HCMJ Split - Singapore Sling Tapes

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