Sunday, December 8, 2013

Givan Lötz - Snarling

Curious, comforting, pop compositions from Givan Lotz, with Snarling on Other Electricities. Truly, this is exceptional material. Over the course of seventeen tracks, four previous releases are melded into single expression that runs the gamut from desperately heartbreaking synth and vocal, to quizzical ambience. Backing the vocal, a wonderful mix of modern clean synth timbres is juxtaposed by something that sounds like a bargain Casio, and then layered with gentle guitar. And through this unlikely mixture, a sort of genre nothingness is achieved. A place where dispute my earlier attempts to provide some context, your innate need to classify the sound disappears, and only the atmosphere exists.

The entire experience feels almost comatose, aching and dragging the listener through the emotional murk. The way Lotz delivers with exceptional patience, maintaining a sombre rhythm, and then within that rhytm creates such incredible narratives is startling. The emotion pouring out of every ounce of the vocal on Oh Andrew is so intense I'd defy someone to hear it and be unmoved. It's a standout track on a tape of standout tracks. Three consecutive listens and it's still sinking in. It is that good. Killer.

Wonderfully presented physical edition. Yellow shells, jcards that appear designed to be reversable to blue depending on your preference. Comes complete with digital download. Releasing on 12/13, Secure yours with a pre-order from Other Electricities.

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