Saturday, December 7, 2013

William Clay Martin - Sadler

Soft, confident soundscapes from William Clay Martin, with the self released Sadler. Lightly drifting and tightly boundaried electronics and guitar. Six tracks that stride an effective middle ground between ambience, drone, and experimentation, landing somewhere that feels descriptive and perhaps narrative. Maybe it's the album art biasing my perception, but the gently curving synth movements and strings come together to paint a very visual picture of a specific location. Like the quick paced memories of a drive through a childhood neighborhood or something. And while the inclusion of delicately played guitar lends a very organic feel, I can't help but derive an academic sense from the way moods are constructed. That while there is an improvisational element, these sounds feel carefully studied, and meant for the same. The moments, the timbres, all feel very carefully measured to deliver an exacting experience. Sounds like a faded post card recorded live through an eight track mixer. Also, I hope the track title Ultima Seven is a reference to the computer game of the same name, because I could dig that.

Hand numbered edition of 55, nicely presented on translucent blue shells with single sided b/w label and full color pro printed jcard. Stream and grab direct from the artist via Bandcamp.

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