Sunday, January 12, 2014

Olli Aarni - Koittaa aika

Organic collage from Olli Aarni, with Koittaa aika on Sunshine LTD. Elegant, modest, gentle, confident,... and a host of other adjectives that I hope might describe something this beautifully crafted and unassuming. Aarni's tapes (also under Ous Mal and Nuojuva) have a way of effortlessly bypassing all means of sensory perception to both elevate your mood, and ease your soul. Two single side tracks that feel so incredibly delicate that they might crumble in your hands, or simply blow away int the breeze. Dig it.

Edition of 75, housed in an oversized box, labels both outside and in. Clear shell resting in a bed of padding onto of a digital copy. If you act quickly, you can still grab a copy direct from Sunshine.

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