Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ssleeperhold - Ruleth

Engrossing dark synth banger from Ssleeperhold, with Ruleth on Holodeck Records. If this isn't 4 am on the freeway at 90 MPH music I don't know what is. Crystaline, arppegiated snyth, cascading down around vintage 16bit basslines that pulsate with just absolutely otherworldly energy. Echoing drum patterns that smack directly between the eyes pushing, pushing, pushing forward with focus and abandon. This sound dangerous, alive in a way that seems impossible for electronic music to be. A complex sonic palate of samples, hiss, and trance inducing sameness that propels your mind out ahead of you, allowing the present to be interpreted through a haze of memory. Sick.

Edition of 200, pro dubbed on black shells with digital download. Also available on vinyl, which I assume sounds completely massive. Grab direct from Holodeck.

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