Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Thread - Effulgent Angel Piss

The second (see above for the first) in the pair from Turmeric Magnitudes, is a howling sea of degraded loops from Black Thread, with Effulgent Angel Piss. While the title might sound cannon to something steeped in things Norwegian and bullet belted, (complete with first word:unknown, second word/s:offensive; naming convention), what this actually is, is a pair of side long loop progressions. Stunningly gorgeous melodies, composed, and then mangled to the point of being completely blown out, at points, even dropping the audio in and out. This crosses the line between ambience and noise, and when I hear noise done well, that's what it's doing. Hiding layers of beauty beneath a shifting tide of dirt. All things beautiful made ugly, and thus more rewarding when observed.

Can't find an edition size, which makes me think these may be dubbed as ordered, which is a trend I'm seeing more of. Clean, workmanlike presentation, white shells, photocopied jcards. Looks like a promo copy of some killer underground harsh noise demo, which I love. Stream in full and purchase at the Turmeric Magnitudes Bandcamp.

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