Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riot Meadows - Titanium Coma Seeds

Heads up on a pair (see below for the second) of legit ambient noise excursions from San Francisco based Turmeric Magnitudes.

Titanium Coma Seeds, from Steve Targo's Riot Meadows project combines spools of mechanical ambience and shimmering chords of what I can't help but describe as "artificial intelligence". Meaning, it sounds sentient, like a program awoken to it's own coding logic. This feels much more structured (well as far as this type of thing goes), than the last time I checked in on Targo. Some of the astral machinery has been stripped out, in favor of a more melodic, albeit still pretty harsh soundscape. And that's what this is. It's a soundscape. One that transports you, to a time of alien ruins and corroding circuit boards. When the future seems like a reflection on the past. Something ancient and all knowing, and in that knowledge, the awareness of it's failures.

Seems like an overestimation to say that two tracks of essentially noise spread over two sides of a c30 could intimate that kind of thinking, but as I adjust my Grado's, I can't help but wonder if this recording is aware of itself. That if once composed, sounds become self aware, and start to consider themselves, like humans do in a mirror. And if they do, I wonder how these sounds would contextualize themselves. /rambling. This a wonderful tape.

White shells, double sided b/w jcard. Grab direct from the Turmeric Magnitudes Bandcamp.

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